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Geuze blendery Hanssens Artisanaal

Geuze blendery Hanssens Artisanaal from Dworp is a small family-owned blendery renowned for its Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek. As the blendery has only a limited production, the products are harder to come by. The craft lambic beers produced by geuze blendery Hanssens Artisanaal are appreciated by beer lovers far beyond our national borders. A large proportion of the limited production is therefore intended for export.

Geuze blendery Hanssens Artisanaal has a long history stretching back four generations. With the last generation change in the nineties, the brewer's daughter Sidy Hanssens took over the helm of the blendery, which today is still being run by her and her husband.

The geuze blendery Hanssens Artisanaal is open to the general public only on special occasions, like the Geuze Tour. The beers are not available for sale on site either.

A: Vroenenbosstraat 15, 1653 Dworp
T: 02 380 31 33