Geuze Tour

The Geuze Tour (in Dutch ‘Toer de Geuze’) was organised for the first time in 1997. Six breweries and blenderies took part in this first edition: brewery Boon, geuze blendery De Cam, brewery De Troch, brewery Lindemans, brewery 3 Fonteinen and brewery Timmermans. This beer event has been organised every two years since and celebrated its 10th edition in 2015.

Over the years the Geuze Tour has grown into one of the premier beer events in our country. During the Geuze Tour HORAL runs shuttle bus services between the participating breweries and blenderies. Early reservation is advised.

Visitor Centre ‘De Lambiek’ also participates in the Geuze Tour. On that day, visits to the Visitor Centre are free and entertainment is provided.

Every year since 2009, on the occasion of the Geuze Tour, a HORAL Mega Blend is produced. This unique and limited edition of Oude Geuze is a blend of lambic beers supplied by different HORAL members. Every bottle of HORAL Mega blend is identified by its own number. Bottle 00 00 01 is always auctioned on eBay. The first bottle of the 2015 release was auctioned for more than 300 euros.

Find out more about the Geuze Tour on HORAL's website.