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HORAL or the High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers brings together the traditional producers of lambic beer based in the Pajottenland region and the Senne valley. Eleven brewers and blenders from the Pajottenland and the Senne valley are members of HORAL.

Founded in 1997, this umbrella organisation promotes artisanal lambic beers and their derivatives, paying special attention to the entire process from brewing to serving. HORAL is committed to protecting craft lambic beers and reports and denounces irregularities with regard to artisanal lambic beers.

It was partly on the initiative of HORAL that the Visitor Centre ‘De Lambiek’ in Alsemberg came about. HORAL also organises the two-yearly beer event the 'Geuze Tour', a day on which the various members open their doors to the general public. Yet another initiative by HORAL is the annual Lambic Award, which is given to an individual who served the traditional lambic industry in an extraordinary way, thus promoting and defending the industry's interests. Since 2011 there have already been five laureates, from both Belgium and abroad.  

The Lambic Academy is also an initiative by HORAL, aimed at offering professionals from the catering business the opportunity to improve their knowledge of lambic beers. Sessions are both in Dutch and in English.

More information about HORAL can be found on their website.