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The Lambikstoempers

The non-profit organisation called the 'Lambikstoempers' is a local beer taster association committed to preserving and promoting the culture of local beers from the Senne valley and the Pajottenland region. Particular attention is paid to the rich culture surrounding the typical lambic beers. As a local association, the Lambikstoempers is a member organisation of the Belgian national non-profit beer consumers' association Zythos.

The Lambikstoempers organise various beer-related events, including brewery visits, beer tastings and many topic evenings. At those events, members of the Lambikstoempers vzw provide insight into the various aspects of lambic beer in both an informal and a pleasant manner.

Every year, during the last weekend of August, the Lambikstoempers organise their Regional Beer Weekend. The beer weekend generally takes place in the last full weekend of August at Visitor Centre 'De Lambiek'.

More information on the Lambikstoempers can be found on their website,