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Geuze blendery De Cam

Geuze blendery De Cam is located in the picturesque municipality of Gooik in the hilly landscape of the Pajottenland. Gooik once boasted many different lambic breweries and geuze blenderies. Today, De Cam is the only Gooik-based geuze producer left. Blender Karel Goddeau upholds the longstanding tradition of geuze blending with plenty of passion and dedication. The small-scale production of the geuze blendery makes De Cam’s Oude Geuze quite an exclusive product.

Geuze blendery De Cam is located in the community centre with the same name on Dorpstraat. The site also houses the Museum of Folk Instruments and a cosy inn ‘De Cam’, where you can enjoy a refreshing Oude Geuze or a delicious meal made with local products from the Pajottenland. The blendery can be visited only on Sundays and by prior appointment.

A: GC De Cam, Dorpstraat 67A, 1755 Gooik
T: 02 532 08 26